Thursday, January 6, 2011

P&G Free Samples

P&G EverydaySolutions is offering up new FREE samples and coupons! I was able to request a couple new freebies, so hopefully you will too! Just head on over here and login or register to get started. I was offered a FREE sample of Head & Shoulders and Pantene.  Let us know what freebies you get!


Tammy said...

Thanks for posting this! Kelli told me about your blog and I think it's really going to help me! Could you explain to me what VV means?

Amanda said...

VV means Video Values. On riteaid website they offer these. you watch videos and earn coupon that you can use at riteaid the greatest thing about VV coupons is that you can use a Manufactor coupon with them. this is called "stacking" so if a product is on sale for 2.50 and you have 1.50 VV coupon and 1.00 Man coupon you use both coupons when you check out and therefore get 2.50 off and get the product FREE!!

Tammy said...

Great! Thanks so much!