Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My CVS shopping trip!!

I did good yesterday at CVS!

they had a table full of 90% off items.  which we all head to first.  (you know you do)
I asked the lady about why they are soo cheap (i thought they would be expired items or such but they all were good till 2012)  anyways she said that, the end of each month they new a new shelf grid and they items that they are no longer going to sale they clearance them out.

I bought . .

(1) CVS kids cold medicine for only .54
(2) Kid sore throat Popsicles for only .49 ea
(1) Pedicare pain reliever for only .69

I also bought . .
(1) Purex on sale for 3.99 and got back 2.00ECB
used .35/1 coupon
paid 3.64 OOP

(2) dawn dish soap on sale for .97
used (2) 1.00/1

(2) Milano cookies on sale for 2.50 ea
used (2) 1.00/1
paid 3.00 for both (these are my FAVORITE COOKIES)

total before coupons 13.14
i used 4.29 in coupons
and 7.00 ECB (from last week)
paid just 1.85 +.08 tax = 1.93 OOP and got back 2.00 ECB for next week

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