Sunday, August 29, 2010

My RiteAid shopping Trip



(2) boxes of frootloops and (1) box of apple jacks on sale for 3/6.00 and get 1.00UP
I used 1.50/2 Q and 1.00/2 VV
paid just 3.50 for 3 boxes

(2)bags of Doritos on sal for 2.00ea and get 1.00UP
I used 1.00/2Q
paid just 3.00 for 2 bags

Pampers diapers on sale for 8.99 and get 2.00UP
I used 3.00 off 1Q
Paid just 5.99

(2) colgate toothpastes on sale for 1.50ea and get 1.00UP
I used 1.00/1 and .75/1
paid just 1.25 for both

Listerin on sale for 3.99 and get 1.00UP
I used 1.00/1 Q and 1.00/1 VV
paid just 1.99

zilactin toothache medicine on sale fo 3.99
I used 3.00/1 VV
paid just .99

Niva lip care on sale for 2.99 and get 1.00UP
I used 1.00/1 Q
paid just 1.99

total came to 32.96 before coupons

I used $5 off $25.00
and all the above coupons
total OOP was just $8.71
and I got 7.00 in UP
and serval SCRs

I made money on todays trip!!! 

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