Monday, September 27, 2010

My RiteAid shopping Trip

I went to RiteAid on Sunday and I found out the Rite Aid Store in the Cranberry mall is Closing!!  BOO HOO BOO HOO!!!
Sat will be thier last day!!!!

I did do pretty good, even thought they were low on stock!
I bought . .  .
(2) boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios on sale for 2/$5 and get 1.00UP
I used 1.00/2 VV coupon and 1.00/2 Man coupon

(2) bags of Chex Mix on sale for 2.99BOGO
I used (2) .50/1

(1) Aveeno shampoo on sale for 5.99
I used 4.00/1 VV coupon and 1.00/1man coupon

(1) Gillette body wash and (1) deodorant both were on sale for 4.00 ea
I used a BOGOF coupona and a 1.00/1 coupon (for the one I wasnt getting free)

(1) crest twin pack on sale for 4.99 and get 3.00UP
I used 1.00/1

total before coupons was 26.97
I used $5/$25 coupon
and the mentioned coupons (worth 14.00)
total came to $7.97
I paid with 7.00 in Up from last week and .97 cents!
and I got back 4.00 for Next week!!
Not too bad!!!

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