Sunday, August 22, 2010

My RiteAid shopping Trip

I did two transacations today at riteaid . . .
1st one I bought . . .

1 pack of UKotex pads & 1 pack of tampons on sale for 2/$7 and get 3.00UP
I used (2) 1.00/1 Coupons and (1) 1.00/1VVCoupon
paid just 4.00 OOP for both

1 pack of Huggies diapers on sale for 8.99 and get 2.00UP
I used 2.00/1 VVcoupon and 3.00/1 coupon
paid just 3.99 OOP

(2) Lil critters vitamins on BOGOFREE sale (6.79)
used (2)1.00/1 VVcoupons
paid just 4.79 OOP for both

(4) tridentlayers gum on BOGOFREE sale (1.49)
I had coupons but they wouldnt scan so I paid
2.98 for 4 packs

1 reach floss on sale for .99
used .50/1 coupon
I paid just .49

total before coupons was 26.75
I used $5/$25
and allof the above coupons (9.50)
 so  I paid just 11.25 OOP
and got back 5.00 in UP REWARDS

the 2nd transaction
I bought . .

1 pack of Huggies Pull-ups on sale for 8.99 and get 2.00 UP
I used 2.00 VVcoupon & 2.00 coupon

I used 1.00 up from last week
and 3.00 up from last transaction

paid just .99OOP and got back 2.00UP

total Before any coupns was 35.75
I spent just  12.24 OOP and still have 4.00 in UP for next week!!


Anonymous said...

they let you use 2 of the same video value coupon?

Amanda said...

I was able to use 2 VV coupons on the Vitamens but not the kotex.
not sure why the computer allowed two on one but not the other.