Friday, March 2, 2012

Pinterest Party

This post is apart of the Pinterest Party  at Living with 3 Hobbits and a Giant

I have been wanting to make a chore chart for awhile to help my girls complete tasks around the house.  

I found this on pinterest and used it as my inspiration

I went to the dollar store and bought a cookie sheet!!!

I covered the pan with cute scrapbook paper using spray adhesive glue, added foam stickers to the top to say "chores"  and added sticker names in each box for each of my girls
with a nail and hammer I poked 2 holes in the pan and tied my ribbon.
with another piece of ribbon I added a REWARD box for each girl.

Now to the CHORES.  I printed out a list of different chores that I want the girls to do. I used self adhesive strip magnets and simply added my chore and cut them out. 
I then made REWARD stars by placing a star sticker on a circle magnet and glued a marble on top.
I also made "ALL DONE" buttons.  (just a colored marble on top of a magnet).

This is now apart of our daily routine. 
each girl has different chores each day
after they complete each task they get to cover it with an ALL DONE button and once they get all of their chores done for the day they get a REWARD STAR . 
After they get 5 stars they a dollar!!


Leighann said...

This is so cute!! Love it.

Allyson said...

Very clever. I'm sure it helps your girls to know what is expected as well as a feeling of accomplishment. Great job!