Sunday, December 26, 2010

My RiteAid shopping Trip!!! I made 1.30!!!

Well now that Christmas is over I can now list my GREAT shopping trips again.  (I made gift baskets with some lots of the great deals, so I didnt want to post how cheap they were)  LOL

anyways I had a GREAT shopping trip at RiteAid today!!!

I bought. . . .

9 niva Lip care items on sale for 2.00ea (18.00) then I used (2) 2.00/2 coupons and (4) BOGOFREE coupons which took off 8.00.=  $6.00
1 Niva body wash on sale for 3.99 and used 1.00/1 coupon = 2.99

2 Foamie craft kits on sale for 2.06ea and used 5.00/2 coupon = FREE plus .88 overage

2 boxes of Fruity Pebbles on sale for 2.50 ea and used (2) .75/1 = 3.50

1 Crest 3D toothpaste on sale for 3.59 and used 1.00/1 = 2.59

2 Aussies hairsprays on sale for 2.50ea and used BOGOFree coupon = 2.50

(missing from the pic is 1 chapstick and one foamie kit)
so my total came to 16.70 and I paid with $12 up from last week and paid 4.70 OOP and then I got back $18.00 in UP to use next week!!!! 
So YES I made 1.30 just for shopping today!!!!!

wondering how I got back so many up rewards?  Well I will tell you,  LOL
I got back $10 for spending $20(before coupons) on Niva product.
I got back $5 on the Foamies craft kits!!  (i didnt know this would print so I was excited to get it!!)
I got back $1 on the crest toothpaste
and I got back $2.00 on the Post Cereal!!

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