Friday, December 31, 2010

My Dollar General Shopping Trip

I got some pretty good deals at Dollar General!!

I bought  . . .
(3) olay Ribbon body wash on sale for 3.50ea
(1) Safegaurd hand soap 1.75
(1) olay hand lotion 5.50
(2) HE hairsprays 3.00ea
(1) Quaker Oats on sale for 3.25
total came to 27.00 then
I used (3) 2.00/1 olay coupons, (1) BOGO olay coupon (took off 3.50), BOGO HerbalEss coupon (took off 3.00), 1.00/1 HerbalEss coupon and I used 2.00/1 Quaker Oats coupon.
and paid just 11.50 =.62tx = 12.12 with tax for the above items.

I also was able to then submit for the Mail in Olay Rebate spend $50 get $20! ($22.00 of the above items plus an addtional $30 from earlier this month)
This turns my shopping trip into a money maker!! 

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