Friday, February 17, 2012

Pinterest Party

I was invited to join pinterest a few weeks ago and I wasn't too sure what it was or if i would ever use it.  BUT I LOVE the site!!
There is sooo much online and I would often see something and say "wow that is cool, I want to try that" but then I would totally forget all about it or even where to find it again, but not anymore I can just "PIN" it to my board and go back to it any time I need!!

I am planning on doing at least one of my "pins" each week and posting all about it on Friday and linking to the Pinterest Party going on over at Living with three Hobbits and a Giant.

This week I made a Menu Board

Here is my was my inspiration

I started with a old plastic frame removed the glass and took the back out of the frame

I covered the back with Scrapbook paper using spray adhesive

Then I used Scrapbook pre-cut letters and made the heading  "what's for dinner"
I painted 7 small clothes pins in colors that match my paper and after they dried I hot glued them on the board and put stickers of the days of week beside each clothes pin.
I made pockets to hold the cards out of card stock covered with scrapbook paper. and hot glued them on the board. (Yes I had a special helper with this project)
The last thing to do was make the menu cards.
I simply printed them out on card stock and cut them apart.
now we use the board to plan our weekly menu 

This not only makes our days simple,  no more standing at the fridge at 5pm wondering what in the world you are feeding your family.
This also helps us Save money by only buying the things we need for the week's meals so there is less waste.

I know My board in not as nice as the inspiration but this project didn't cost me anything since I used everything that I had on Hand!!

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Leighann said...

I love it!! Another bonus is you don't have to tell the readers in your family what's for dinner. They can look themselves. :) And free is awesome.