Friday, October 22, 2010

Dollar General

Well I went to Dollar General yesterday and boy was I disappointed.
I went right in and asked the manager about their coupon policy
she said that I could use coupons and the $5 off of $25 but my total has to be at least $25 AFTER coupons to use the $5 off $25 coupon.  BUMMER!!
and she said that I could only use 1 coupon per item.  so I couldn't use a DG coupon and a Manufacturer coupon on one item.  BUMMER AGAIN!!!
so I just put my coupons away and just did a little browsing and they had their spring/summer clothes and other items marked down 90% off!
so I did do a little shopping there and got a lot of stuff real cheap for next spring and to put in Love Bundles our church makes every fall to ship to Haiti. YAY!

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